Alveo Financial Tower - AMENITIES

When completed, the Alveo Financial Tower will be one of the most magnificent skyscraper in the city of Makati. It is LEED certified and on completion it is expected to have 49 floors.

All its features are geared towards modernism. From the outside the building is designed to catch the eye with very fine tuned finishes. The floor and ceiling are designed to have bear & rough cement finish. Also, it will have 40% glass ratio of doulble-glazed glass, meaning that most of its walls will be glass giving it a classy feel.

Also the units in the various floors will not have any partitions. They will only have partitioning markings indicating the boundaries of each unit. This leaves the tenants with the freedom to select the best fut for partitioning depending on their business and taste. However, there will be a temporary gypsum board that will erected to partition common hallways.

Each unit is designed with a provision for at least one executive toilet. This makes every unit self contained and once you occupy one, you will not have to que to access washroom services. This is how executives like it!

The skyscraper is also designed to have a computer-based control system ( Building Management System, BMS) installed so that it can control and monitor both the Tower’s mechanical and electrical systems and equipment like the fire systems, ventilation, power systems, security systems and lighting. This means that most of the systems will be automated and well interconnected to ensure that those staying inside are comfortable enough.

Telecommunication services are guaranteed with Globe, which is a Telecommunications service provider in San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines. Also, when it comes to the broadband internet services, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is in charge. This ensures that the Financial Tower has quality communication infrastructure in place, which is of paramount importance especially when it comes to running businesses.

The Alveo Financial Tower will also have a centralised chilling water system to control the climate inside the building. The system will have a modular variable speed design. The system will also incorporate a tapping point for both chilled water and fresh air. Also, it will have a number of British Thermal Units (BTU meters) so that the data of the energy, flow and temperature of the system can be corrected collected when need be. This chilling water system will go a long way in helping to cool the air in the building especially since it will have many units which will need to be controlled separately.

Apart from the normal power supply from the power grid, the tower is fitted with a 150v/sqm backup generator to ensure that the building will never lack electricity power. 

Also, in case of accidents like fire, the tower is fitted with smoke detectors to detect any fires and monitor modules and sub-outs for water jets to spray water. This makes the Tower secure from fires since the system is automated and is to work independently without having to actualized by a human in case of a fire break out.

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