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The JAKA Tower was a planned office skyscraper in Makati City, Philippines. It was designed by the architectural firm Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, and was to be the first highrise project of the then fledging JAKA Property Group. Construction started in 1996, and was scheduled for completion by 1999. It was designed to rise 49 storeys high, with a height of 185.9 metres to its roof. Its design was to have cladded finishing on its podium, and external curtain glass walls on the rest of the building. Contact us for more information about Alveo Financial Tower.

The Alveo Financial Tower is located at 6794 Ayala Avenue in Makati city. The Tower stands right at the heart of the central business district of Makati, making it a prime building to conduct business in. Once completed, the iconic marvel will have a very significance impact on the modern, dynamic corporate world in Makati. Actually, Makati serves as the financial center of the Philippines with a good number of multinationals as well as local corporations having their offices there. 

The Alveo Financial Tower is also very well networked, especially by the Ayala Avenue, to headquarters of various internationally recognised business as well as very prominent institutions within the City of Makati. Makati is the seventh largest city in Philippines with a population of close to 600,000 with around 19,000 being residents. In the world, Makati is ranked at number 41 in terms of population. All this makes Alveo the best place to have your business office since with such a large city, you are guaranteed of customers.

The Ayala Avenue is among the busiest in Makati as well as in the whole Metro Manila. It has even been named wall street of Philippines due to the many businesses that are located along it. The Ayala Avenue also serves as a link between the EDSA Avenue and the Metropolitan Avenue. 

Some of the landmarks connected to the Alveo Financial Tower by  the Ayala Avenue include the Ayala center, which is a group of 8 shopping centers namely the Glorietta Complex, Markati Shangri-La Hotel and Greenbelt Mall among several other prominent businesses in Makati. Another landmark is the Ayala Triangle, which is at the center of the Makati Central Business District and where most of the multinationals, banks, restaurants and boutiques are actually located. 

The PBCom Tower, which is the tallest building in Philippines and serving as the main office of the Philippine Bank of Communication as well as the East West Bank, is also located along the Ayala Avenue and thus very easily accessible from the Alveo Financial Tower. The Philippines Stock Exchange is also located along the Ayala Avenue in the Ayala Tower One.

Apart from the various commercial structures along the Ayala Avenue, there are also several government buildings along the avenue. These include the Makati City Police station, Makati City Post Office and the Makati Coty Fire Station. All these government buildings are accessible from the Alveo Tower.

Other buildings that are accessible from the Alveo Financial Tower via the Ayala Avenue include: PNB Makati Center, BDO Corporate Center, Discovery Primea, G.T. International Tower, Convergys Philippines Services Center, Enterprise Center neoclassical twin Towers, L.V. Locsin, Insular Life Building, Makati Sky Plaza, LKG Tower, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Plaza,  Peninsula Manila, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Tower, Rufino Plaza, PeopleSupport Center and Security Bank Center among others.

Some of the hospitals/health clinics close to the Alveo Financial Tower include the PhilhealthCare Incorporated locates on the sixth floor of Iacademy building 0.27 km from the Ayala Triangle along the 6764 Ayala Avenue, the Patient First Medical Center on the third flor of the Mercury S ug Building Glorletta 3 in the Ayala Center and 0.54 km from the Ayala triangle and the Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics PH : Laser Eye and Plastic Surgery in Mezzanlne, Tower 2 along 6766 Ayala Avenue.

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